Wind Knowledge

Wind Knowledge

One Energy believes in being professors, not salesmen.

Video Due Diligence

We believe it is important to provide as much information as possible about wind energy and on-site generation – to customers, wind advocates, and skeptics alike. We fundamentally believe that when executed properly, wind energy is one of the safest, most affordable and most responsible forms of energy available in the world today.

Conduct your own due diligence using modern technology. View our videos and meet members of our team, tour a turbine, and see our team members answer common questions. Do it all from the comfort your desk, but enjoy the same candor you would get in person. One Energy hopes this information allows our current and future customers to understand the awesome potential of utilizing wind energy at their site or facility.

Building a Wind for Industry® Project

A lot goes into installing a Wind for Industry® project. At One Energy, we specialize in every step of the process – from when a company asks us about how to take control of their energy costs, through project development, financials, and permitting, all the way to the construction of turbines and ongoing maintenance of the projects. Watch this video to see a sample of what a Wind for Industry® project looks like at the construction phase. 

Turbine Tour

In this video, John Everett, One Energy’s Engineering Lead, takes us on a tour of a wind turbine. One Energy currently uses Goldwind 87/1500 model, permanent magnet direct-drive wind turbines. Each turbine produces 1.5 megawatts (enough for 300-400 homes), offering high power-generating efficiency for low wind speeds. See what John has to say about them – then view our wind turbine diagram and fact sheet for more information.

Sunrise on a Wind Farm

Jereme Kent, One Energy’s General Manager and CEO, has worked in wind long enough to know there’s no better experience than sunrise on a wind farm. Here, he explains the feeling at the North Findlay Wind Campus. For Jereme, this Wind Campus℠ sunrise is better than any big wind farm: “the reason it’s so cool, is that the project you see behind me, was thought up by myself and my team. At One Energy, we took this project from a blank piece of paper and a concept, all the way through a project that’s now running and is one of the largest, if not the largest combined Wind for Industry® project in the country.”

Wind Energy Video by Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation has partnered with One Energy to help power three of its divisions, for a total of 9 megawatts of distributed generation wind made possible by Wind for Industry®. Check out their video highlighting the partnership. For Whirlpool Corporation, “sustainable energy matters.”

Vertical Integration at One Energy

To One Energy, vertical integration is more than just a business strategy. In this video, Jereme Kent explains our understanding of vertical integration: “taking responsibility for everything.” We believe using external resources often introduces risk, quality problems, and safety concerns. Watch as Jereme explains the benefits One Energy has experienced simply by introducing in-house capabilities.

Q&A with R&D: Research and Development Efforts

Liz Walls is Head of Research and Development at One Energy. In this video, she answers questions about her role and some of the innovations she’s excited for here at One Energy. Liz provides details on upcoming projects like foundation design development, turbine vibration monitoring, aviation studies, and sound propagation improvements. Finally, watch as Liz explains what it’s like to work in the skunk tank

One Energy’s Wind Resource Assessment

Now Head of Project Planning and Development, Jessica Grosso is One Energy’s wind resource expert. Here, Jessica describes the process One Energy undertakes to assess the wind resource at a prospective turbine site. Watch as she describes the 5-step process of: 1.) choosing or collecting data, 2.) analyzing data, 3.) estimating gross annual energy production, 4.) considering wake loss, and 5.) calculating net annual energy production.

Regulatory Issues at One Energy

Watch as Katie Johnson Treadway, Head of Regulatory Affairs at One Energy, tells us about regulatory issues that impact One Energy and the distributed generation industry as a whole. To do so, Katie gives the basics of the laws that apply to the siting of electricity generation, the interconnection of distributed generation facilities to the electric grid, as well as net metering and PURPA.

Q&A with Key Accounts: the Sales Process

One Energy is unique to the current wind industry and the process of selling Wind for Industry® is anything but standard. As Head of Key Accounts, Jeff Shrader leads business development for One Energy and tackles our ambitious sales goals. Watch as he answers questions about the nuances of what we sell, how we establish and maintain corporate relationships, and what we need to continue to grow our customer base.

Q&A: Project Development and Due Diligence

In this video, Erin Kashawlic, Technical Manager for One Energy, answers questions about our project development and due diligence processes. Watch as she discusses the multiple steps we take when considering a customer, the different documents we create to evaluate project feasibility, why One Energy’s process is different from others in the wind industry, and why public utilities are Erin’s favorite kind to work with. 

Self-Performing Construction at One Energy

At One Energy, we strive to make it as simple as possible for industrial companies to take control of their energy; that way, they can keep their focus on running their business and keep their electricity costs low. It should be no surprise, then, that One Energy also strives to own our equipment and services. Watch as John Everett explains our strategy in self-performing construction and the control it gives us in our costs, innovation, and quality. 

Continuum Wind Flow Modeling Software

In this video, Liz Walls explains the Continuum software One Energy uses to model wind flow. Continuum generates estimates of the spatial variability of the wind speed at a given project site. Watch as Liz displays the equation involved in this estimation process, reveals how Continuum is different from others of its kind, answers how One Energy specifically uses this software, and talks about the future of the model. 

Measure Correlate Predict (MCP) Algorithm

Watch as Liz Walls answers questions about how One Energy employs Measure Correlate Predict (MCP) algorithms more often and in different ways than the rest of the wind industry does. She explains how One Energy uses historical data, external sources, and our own collected data to understand the relationship between the data and to predict wind speed information at the locations where we’re looking to site wind turbines. 

Legal at One Energy

“Like most companies, many laws impact One Energy’s business.” In this video, Katie Johnson Treadway identifies for us some of the legal issues One Energy faces generally. Since the creation of this video, One Energy has grown rapidly and has acquired additional legal counsel, making the handling of legal issues at our company even more efficient and effective.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) 101

Here, Katie Johnson Treadway discusses what Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are, how they work, and how One Energy participates in the REC market. Watch her video to find out more!