Wind for Industry®

Wind for Industry®

A wind energy project designed to achieve a significant reduction of an industrial facility’s electrical consumption from the grid. These projects involve installing one or more utility-scale wind turbines and interconnecting them on the facility’s side of their utility meter.

Building a Wind for Industry® project

Company Profile
  • One Energy provides Wind for Industry® solutions for large electricity consumers. Wind for Industry® is the installation of one or more utility-scale wind turbines at an end user’s facility to directly offset its retail electricity consumption.
  • One Energy oversees projects from conception to installation and through operation.
  • Our management team has installed more than 2,000 turbines.
  • One Energy is responsible for the largest corporate behind-the-meter wind projects in the United States.
  • Our Green Campus℠ customers include: Marathon Petroleum, Whirlpool Corporation, Ball Corporation,
    Cooper Farms, Haviland Plastics, and Valfilm.
  • More than 27 MW are operating or are under construction.
Problem Statement
  • Industrial operations are electricity intensive.
  • Industrial consumers are susceptible to fluctuating energy costs.
  • Industrial consumers continue to receive pressure to reduce GHG emissions. 
  • Electricity rate uncertainty introduces unpredictability into companies’ operating expenses.
  • The commercial electricity market does not offer hedging solutions or certainty beyond 3 years.
Potential Solution

A Wind for Industry® project can:

  • Provide 20 years of fixed-rate certainty.
  • Be delivered with no capital cost.
  • Improve our customers’ bottom line through immediate OPEX REDUX.
  • Supply a significant portion of a facility’s electricity needs.
  • Provide a significant reduction in GHG emissions.
  • Support our customers’ core businesses without putting them in the wind business.

Renewable Energy Agreement (REA)
  • All CAPEX and OPEX by One Energy.
  • No upfront investment required by customer.
  • 20-year REA has service contract treatment and will not appear on company’s balance sheet.
  • 20-year predetermined rate provides immediate OPEX reduction with long-term certainty.
Capital Expenditure
  • Customer purchases the turnkey wind project from One Energy.
Project Delivery
  1. Initial Evaluation (2-4 weeks)
  2. Detailed Evaluation (1-2 months)
  3. Project Delivery (4-6 months)
  4. Project Operation (20 years +)
Getting Started
  1. Execute NDA (optional, customer’s preference)
  2. Customer provides:
    • Electricity bills
    • Basic facility land information
    • 12 months of consumption data
  3. One Energy provides Initial Evaluation at no cost