20 Questions For Potential Contractors

There are a multitude of companies in today’s marketplace offering a range of wind energy services. The questions below address key issues related to an on-site generation wind project. When selecting a partner for your project, it is paramount that your organization ask any potential partners the following questions:

  1. Will you show us a copy of your safety plan?
  2. Will you show us a copy of your quality plan?
  3. How many wind turbines has your team installed? What size turbines has your team installed? How many total megawatts has your team installed?
  4. What crane and rigging experience does your team have? How many crane picks above 100,000 pounds has your team constructed?
  5. What training will the lead person installing the turbine at my site have?
  6. What varieties of turbines (both manufacturer and size) does your company install? How do you decide which turbine is best for my project?
  7. Who on your construction team is trained in tower rescue? What rescue equipment will your construction team have on site?
  8. Will you explain how a wind turbine generates electricity and delivers it to the grid?
  9. Who handles grants, state filings, FERC, PILOT, and EIA filings?
  10. Who is responsible for securing local construction permits and attending local community meetings?
  11. Other than signing completed paperwork, what exactly do I need to do in order to get a wind turbine installed?
  12. What kinds of power quality problems could result from a wind turbine?
  13. Where can I obtain insurance for my turbine and how can your company help me?
  14. What is the average inflation rate of electricity in my area? What inflation rate number did your team use in your calculations? What REC value did your team use in your calculations? How can I audit your team’s raw financial calculations?
  15. How does our corporate tax rate affect the return on investment for a wind turbine?
  16. Do you have errors and omissions insurance, not just general liability insurance?
  17. Will you explain net present value and internal rate of return? Can you explain how they can determine which wind turbine to install?
  18. Will you explain how to model wind speeds at different heights and how to use the Prandtl and Power Law Models?
  19. What is net-metering and why does it matter to me?
  20. Will you provide resumes for your project team? Will you provide information about your company and any engineering and/or construction firms that will be involved in the design, evaluation, and construction of my project?
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