It is much easier to understand a business that has a widget to sell or lines of code to market. We are well aware that our model is so complex that there are only a few dozen people in the energy industry that can even describe correctly what it is that One Energy does. We did not pick the easy path…by any stretch of the imagination.

We respectfully submit that what we have is far more valuable and difficult to duplicate than widgets and code. We operate at the intersection of the utilities, the government regulations, the contractors, the engineers, the developers, and the turbine suppliers to create a new value stream for both the end customer and the energy industry.

Every major company in the country pays an electric bill. More importantly, every large company that produces a physical product pays a very large electric bill. It does not matter how efficient these producers become at making their widgets, they still are forced to pay an outside electric utility more and more each year. It is a Black Belt’s worst nightmare. We make an alternate scenario possible. We give large consumers of electricity a chance to take control of their electric bills. We offer a logical next step to energy efficiency. We offer energy control.

Some companies’ business plan is to build high resolution wind maps using a proprietary method and sell the resulting information. We built our own proprietary map of Ohio because it made us better, faster, and cheaper.

Some companies’ business plan is to build a tower rescue training facility and become training experts. We created our own training program and facility to make our crews safer and the resulting program has become the regional standard for training.

Some companies’ business plan is to build software tools to site and model wind turbines for permitting due diligence. We created our own custom software tools to allow us to do the same level of due diligence that the largest wind projects in the world do, but in an outside auditable format that makes sense to lay persons and non-wind engineering consultants.

Some companies’ business plan is to be the best wind turbine installation contractor. We are currently the most experienced turbine contractor in the State of Ohio.

Any one of those could have been an interesting business plan. Any one of those would have been far easier to explain. But, none of those are the grand idea. None of those ideas are game changers for the way businesses think about energy.

We are not the Intel or the Microsoft of our industry. We are the Dell. We combine what everyone else is doing to make it simple, accessible, and cost efficient.

We have been struggling for a long time to try to articulate our value proposition. Yes, we are Engineers, we are Developers, we are Contractors, we are Resellers, but far more fundamentally, we are Integrators. We are the ones who combine everything needed to make some of the best energy technology on earth accessible to businesses. We make wind simple. We help businesses own their wind.

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